Therapists & Caregivers

As a caregiver or therapist, your challenges are unique to the roles you fill. You can often get caught in bouts of fatigue, of dismay at the road ahead, and of resentment that doesn’t feel like who you truly are, but can seem to permeate your thinking. I will work with you to find those parts of yourself who are devoted to the work you do, and help you balance the needs of your own core self with the needs of those individuals for whom you thoughtfully and sensitively care. We can unlock new energy in you by discovering a deeper understanding of what is happening for you in your role. We can get curious about what is triggering these bouts, and who and what in your world is surprisingly part of the challenge. Relief is but a few sessions away for you, if you will work with me to find the pieces that are challenging you that you might not even be completely aware of.

I want to help you unlock your energy, and to help reinvigorate you for the work you do with others, or the work you feel you are challenged to do for those you love. So many of you are in the sandwich generation caring for kids and parents. I am in your world. Many of you are in this sandwich generation and are also therapists, counselors, and caregivers for your livelihood. Many of you are sole caretakers for your loved ones living with chronic illnesses. Let’s find some joy again for you and your way of being in the world, despite the challenges you face day after day.