Life Transitions

So many times in our lives we will go through transitions. Whether or not these are predictable, they can sometimes be overwhelming. It can feel as though we have lost our bearings, and are in search of a compass heading we cannot find. You may benefit from focusing on "what's next?" in a neutral, supportive and caring space all your own, with me.

You do not have to do any of this alone.  We can work together as you plan for the next phase of your life.


  • becoming a couple
  • getting married
  • parenthood
  • adolescence
  • parenting teenagers
  • graduating high school
  • starting college
  • graduating college


  • empty nest
  • career changes
  • losing a loved one
  • divorce
  • life after loss or divorce
  • caring for aging parents
  • retirement

Clarifying the things that matter when transitions arise, and figuring out how to prioritize what is important to you or to your family can be a challenge. Processing the changes that come about in your life and in your relationships at transition points is important as well. We can do this together.