Grief & Loss




The grief process you are going through will be as unique as you are. Your stage in life, your needs, your previous losses and existing circle of caring individuals around you will support and affect how you move through this time in your life. The modes of therapy I use to help you will change as your needs develop and alter throughout this process of grieving and mourning what is lost, recognizing what is left, and figuring out how to move forward with what is.  

I have worked with adults, children, and teens in grief for years as a staff therapist at the Austin Center for Grief and Loss, a.k.a. My Healing Place. I now work in private practice with children in grief and turmoil from divorce or death loss, and with adults in grief of all kinds. Without a doubt it is a specialty of my services. The patience, self-compassion, and understanding you gain  will be remarkable as you take the time and space to move through your grief with someone who understands the complexity grief can present, and the duration that often doesn't make sense to those who love and worry about you. You do not have to bear it alone.