Teens & Young Adults


For you, being a teenager can often be a time of struggle that brings anxiety or depression, confusion, or insecurity. Together, you and I will work to help you learn the skills that help ease these struggles with parents, with your peers, with your siblings, or teachers, and sometimes even with yourself. We will work to open up the safety and freedom in our sessions for you to discover who you want to become, how you want to be in relationships with other people, friends, and family, and how your relationships can support you in becoming the best version of who you can be.

Working with teens has remained a passion of mine since I was a teenager myself. I have worked with youth groups, leadership groups, and teens of all sorts with all types of dilemmas, striving to stand on their own, to find their individual voices, and to discover who they want to be. I am thrilled and excited to work with you just as you are. This time here and now in your life is the brink of discovering your true identity, your path toward career or college, and the important issues that are coming into focus.

Young Adults

Young adults face transitions that can be quite daunting. Whether you are deciding to go to college and beyond, or learning how to live independently out of high school or college, how to deal with parents and their transition to seeing you as an adult. In all cases, an overwhelming number of decisions become yours to make, and sometimes too many opinions are coming at you. You can’t even hear your own inner voice, your own inner knowing of what is right for you. Who will you become? What you want your life to be? How will you do that? What about your parents and friends and family—what will they think? 

This turmoil can bring about anxiety, depression, frustration, and confusion. We can slow it down, find your voice, and begin the work of you building your life with support and new skills. I am ready to help when you are ready!