Children & Parents


I have worked extensively with children in grief, with anxiety and with behavior challenges in the school, in the family, and in their social environment. Children are at a significant disadvantage in an adult world, needing time and space to find their voice, to feel heard and understood, and to sort through the confusing feelings that come with the many transitions of childhood.  

The challenges for a child begin with their own learning styles, their own temperament, sibling relationships, parenting styles, transitioning schools,  moving neighborhoods, and the daunting changing expectations when they enter each new year/grade. Children also have to absorb and adapt to the impact of grief and loss as they deal with divorce, family loss of loved ones, or just unrecognized losses from a series of changes and disruptions out of their control, disenfranchised loss---loss other people don't really recognize.  

Seeing the world through a child's eyes has been a strength I have brought to my work for decades. I work with the child to understand their world from their point of view, helping them adapt to the needs of their family, and social/school environments with patience and play. Most of the time we are both on the floor playing therapeutic and connection games to learn. I create a safe environment for a child to explore their feelings and how to better express those so others can understand their needs. Each child develops uniquely and at their own pace. I support their individual journey with patience, structure, and learning moments where we can build skills of connection, empathy, self-soothing, and focus.  

Parent coaching

So much parenting information exists in the world, from the opinions of our own parents and how they did it, to the experts and doctors and what they recommend. Sometimes it just helps to have an advisor, a consultant for brainstorming and collaboration on what seems right for your child with your child's considerations at heart.  

In this age of brain neuroscience and the discoveries that are affecting how we understand the child mind/brain and how we can better support the optimum growth and development, I can  help. I can assist in translating or supporting the choices you have to make as parents, and sharing what I know.  

My work is informed by Dan Siegel and all he has brought to light in the last 10 years about the child's brain and how our children perceive the world through their innate responses to anxiety, fear, love, and safety. I have been absorbed in child development for 25 years, since the birth of my first child. It has remained a passion of mine to study, read, and sort through all of the cutting edge knowledge about how to do this thing called parenting.  

I truly enjoy working with parents as an informed partner to understand the challenges of their family lives with their own child, and to help develop strategies for coping with whatever is presenting itself in your child's world. That could be learning differences, family dynamics, divorce, grief and loss, or the simple need for improving the emotional intelligence of the parent and child dynamic. We bring in specialists where needed, and work to harmonize the child's world with yours.