Substance Use, Abuse, & Recovery


Are you looking for ongoing support in your life of sobriety after a substance abuse recovery program? Are you wanting to understand more deeply the life circumstances or events or relationships that put you in a vulnerable position for relying on substances to begin with? I work with individuals whose goal is to lessen their reliance on substances in their lives, with those who are living in sobriety and with those who are beginning/maintaining a 12-step program, or other addiction recovery program. 

I will whole-heartedly support you in therapy as you do your ongoing work to understand your dependence on substances and your vulnerabilities for doing so.  We will work to ease that reliance, to look at your life, and in some instances to examine aspects of your life that you are only now ready to understand. Sometimes that includes traumas that have befallen you. Our efforts are focused on helping you to come to a place of knowing your own power, to recognize the powerful changes that are happening in your life, and to quell the dependencies while unleashing the hold these have had on you. IFS (Internal Family Systems) is an Evidence Based Practice that I use as a tool for helping you to gain a deeper understanding of the parts of you that have become involved in your use, in your dependence, and in your recovery. It would be a privilege to work  beside you as we find the potential you were always meant to find, the life you can now lead substance-free.