Thoughts about you

You inspire me. You and your courage to reach out for help. Each time I have the chance to work with you is time well spent. We work to collaborate on what helps you, what excites you about your future, and what inspires you to improve your own growth and ability to have rewarding relationships. Let’s sit together and focus on what you want to change or improve. 

Your adventure into self-discovery through therapy with me can be interesting, challenging, fun, rewarding, and soul satisfying. You will begin to flourish in the relationships as you discover your ability to improve them, and above all, you can discover or rediscover:

the joy in living

self-knowledge you need 

your personal power

gifts you have yet to unlock

We are all born to live and love fully, participating in this amazing experience of life.  

Thoughts about me

I am continually inspired by the human heart’s desire to heal and to connect with those who surround us. 

Unlocking the potential in each person is my passion in life.  

I have come to psychotherapy at a time when brain research and neuroscience beckon us to recognize the potential for rewiring our brains. We can relearn how to experience and manage our world. We can heal our hearts and minds to become more fully alive, more engaged in our relationships, and more connected to the world around us. As a Certified IFS Therapist, I can help you focus on the patterns, thoughts, injury and experiences that you want to change, some of which may have begun to interfere with you living your best life and having the most rewarding relationships. With ease and compassion we will work together to relax those aspects of your life experience and unlock the energy and focus you are ready to bring to a fully lived life.